Pin Travel Map

Inspiring Adventurers

The Pin Travel Map is a unique round shaped world map. This high quality map is innovatively manufactured out of recycled jeans. Perpetuate your travelling adventures and memories with the included pins or designate your travel destinations and dream of crowded metropolises and far off countries, you can start looking at those travel for non-profit organizations adventures now!

Pin Travel Map black

Made of
recycled jeans

Did you know our Pin Travel Map is made from recycled jeans? This map is made of a new developed material made of recycled jeans.


Our designers developed a new unique round shaped World Map. This difference from regular maps as we know. We love this new way to present the world.

Pin Travel Map

Be creative

Personalize your map by using the 30 included pins to mark your favorite locations. Unleash your creativity.

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30 pins included

Color: blue, black, white

Size: 60cm – 90cm – 120cm

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