Wall Discovery is a Belgian designer label with universal image. Wall Discovery exclusively creates durable interior objects that exceed trends.

All our products are locally crafted with love and great care.

Pin Travel Map

Inspiring Adventurers

The Pin Travel Map is a unique round shaped world map. Use the included pins to mark your new travel destinations. This high quality map is innovatively manufactured out of recycled jeans…

Standing Map

The new globe

The Standing Map is a contemporary interpretation of the globe which has been used as an educational and interior object since the 16th century.

Sticky Map

Easy Travel Companion

This world map sticker has a unique matt surface texture which provides a luxury appearance. It is easy to hang up, making the map reusable and movable.

Pull Down Map

Nostalgic Treasures

Remember those nostalgic history and geography maps in school? This collection are exclusive made by hand vintage reproductions. Completely mounted and ready to hang.  We like to share this beautiful historical heritage with all of you…

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